Livestock Protection Dogs study update August

Livestock Protection Dogs study update

Livestock Protection Dogs study update, here's the update with information about fieldwork throughout the month of August.


· Contiuámos collecting data on the use of space for dogs, sheep and large carniCão de Gado Transmontanovores; behavioral data of dogs; mortality data of sheep; as well as behavioral data, in the following places, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.

· We completed the first round of behavioral tests, the replies of the livestock guardian dogs of Wolf and deer decoys. The second round will be completed in September.

· There were no removal and relocations of dogs in August.

· Currently, the study includes 17 producers, 18 sheep herds, kangals, 19 9 karakachans, 11 band went, and 18 white collar dogs (some white dogs without necklace are also monitored).

· There have been 0 depredations of Bear in August.

· There were 7 Wolf depredations committed or likely in August.

· Hoveram 2 depredations of puma confirmed in August.

The 2015 season of field will be completed on 15 October. Some preliminary analysis of the first three field seasons will be presented at the Conference of Wildlife Society 2015 in Winnipeg, Manitoba on October 19.

As a reminder, we are conducting a survey about attitudes toward the guardian dogs and large carnivores.


Julie k. Young, Ph.d., Study director

Daniel Kinka, Ph.d. student

Jorge Munoz, Oregon and Washington technician

Caleb Morrison, Idaho technician

Alex Potash, Montana and Wyoming technician

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