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ISSUU-Carla Cruz


I am a biologist and Master in Animal Science, run Aradik Kennel. I love dogs and I am fortunate to have been able to devote both my professional and personal life to research and education about them.
On this platform, I will share some of my works, theses and articles about dog behavior, morphology, genetics, citizenship, etc.

We recommend

Control of Canine Geneic Diseases

If you breed dogs for any reason, you must own this book.
Genetic diseases are among the most serious hazards on the landscape of modern dog breeding and one of the most vexing challenges facing today ´ 's dog breeders. Is it appropriate to open the gene pool to unwanted conditions in the pursuit of physical perfection or breeding to the Standard must take a back seat to producing healthy animals?
"A heavy and still work in English. Planning a litter and choose a couple depends on different factors. A responsible cannot deny that. We always have a lot to learn. "

George A. Padgett

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