Terms of use

Terms of use

These terms of use govern your use of the site of the Portuguese Club do Cão de Gado Transmontano (CPCGT).

The CPCGT reserves the right to change, without notice, the terms listed here.

Objectives of the site

This site is administered by CPCGT and aims at disseminating information on the Portuguese Found Race, Cão de Gado Transmontano.

Correction of Information

Although it is intended to ensure the accuracy and updating of the information, the CPCGT does not guarantee that they cannot be detected any lapses or gaps in the information provided.

If you find any inaccurate, require some clarification or want to make suggestions can communicate with the CPCGT through the cp.caogadotransmontano@gmail.com e-mail account or contacts listed on this site.

Use and reproduction of the contents

The information available on this site is free and can be freely used for non-commercial purposes provided that the source of information is mentioned.

The contents, information, logos or other images published on this site belong to CPCGT or to other persons and entities and have copyright.

Any one of them may not be reproduced or altered for commercial purposes, without written authorization.

External links

Links to external websites of third parties are provided only for use.

The CPCGT disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy and quality of information contained in external sites that are referenced to facilitate access to related information.

The CPCGT is not responsible for the privacy policies of the also external sites referenced.


The CPCGT seeks, to the extent possible, ensure that this site is accessible to all types of user, seeking to meet the requirements of users with special needs.

Links to the website of Portuguese Club do Cão de Gado Transmontano

The CPCGT allows websites administered by third parties include links to your site, since the contents of the third party sites are not offensive or infringe any statutory provision.

To avoid broken links due to structural changes, the link to the website of CPCGT should be, whenever possible, held to its home page (http://cp-caodegadotransmontano.com).

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