STATUTESestutos, Statutes, Statuts

nization and purposes)

1 (Constitution and Title)

Under the general terms of law and in accordance with this Statute, is a non-profit association of private nature and indefinitely, with the title of "Portuguese Club CPCGT do Cão de Gado Transmontano", hereinafter referred to as CPCGT.

Article 2 (H
ead Office)

The CPCGT is situated in the street Lot # 2415-14.1 Ourém 781 LEIRIA, parish of Marrazes Barosa municipality of Leiria and, and may be transferred to any other place of Portugal by a decision of its Board. The CPCGT can create, transfer or terminate any of its subsidiaries or other type of representation as decided in General Assembly.

Article 3
(Membership and recognition)

The CPCGT will do the necessary steps to join and maintain membership of the Portuguese Kennel Club (C.P.C), breed Club International Federation (F.C.I.), as well as to be recognized as a privileged representative of breed Cão de Gado Transmontano.

(objectives and means of ac
tion) art
icle 4 (aims)

The main objectives of CPCGT are:
1) Promote recognition of the Cão de Gado Transmontano as pure breed by FCI.
2) promote the development of the Cão de Gado Transmontano, as purebred dog, according to the official who recognized by the CPC.
3) Promote actions considered to be more efficient to develop the characteristics of the Cão de Gado Transmontano as utility dog.
4) Create an appreciation for the exemplary who voluntarily submit their owners. The positive valuation of dogs (not creators), through a stud book with morphological evaluation parameters (not only the excellent dog shows), functional and health. Furthermore the most important evaluation parameter will always remain open and will vary the ratings: the evaluation of their descendants.

Article 5

The means of action to achieve the objectives are:
1) Publish and disseminate the race official who approved by the Portuguese Kennel Club.
2) Encourage the inscription in the book of Portuguese Origins (L.O.P.) the dogs of breed Cão de Gado Transmontano.
3) adopt measures which, by its scope, contributing to the improvement of the breed Cão de Gado Transmontano and regarding dogs in General.
4) Conduct training and clarification to members on canine breeding and selection and the origin and function of the Cão de Gado Transmontano.
5) Cooperate and advise technically creators, owners and all those interested in the development of the dogs of breed Cão de Gado Transmontano.
6) Have their own records, as well as copies of records relating to L.O.P. and R.I. concerning the Breed Cão de Gado Transmontano.
7) bulletins concerning its activities and the technical subjects, as the possibilities of CPCGT.
8) Organize specialized and Monographic Exhibitions, race meetings and Special proof of work.
9) Create and assign awards and honorific appointments that may encourage the creation and representation of the Cão de Gado Transmontano or constitute recognition of the dedication in favour of CPCGT.
10) Denouncing the pedigrees that may look suspicious.
11) Create cooperation among national counterparts or foreign associations that are recognized by the CPC, particularly with the Association of breeders of the Cão de Gado Transmontano.
12) promoting the creation of protocols with universities or other institutions that agree to collaborate with the studies needed for the evolution of the Cão de Gado Transmontano.

sociations, admissions, Quotas, rights and obligations)
article 6
(number of members)

The CPCGT is composed by an unlimited number of people, Portuguese and foreign, interested in the breed, since in full enjoyment of their civil rights.

Article 7
(categories of members)

The partners may be Founders, or Fees.
1) founding partners-Are those who have participated in the creation of the Association. The founding members are holders of all rights and duties of staff and associates have the prerogative to have entered the quality, founder, on their card.
2) Effective Partners — are all those who propose or agree to collaborate in the achievement of the purposes of the CPCGT and admitted by the Directorate.
3) Honorary Members – Are those that don't belong to the Club, have provided relevant and exceptional service to the Portuguese Club do Cão de Gado Transmontano. The honorary members are approved in the General Assembly, upon proposal of the Board, being exempt from payment of any charges. Can still be consulted for the tasks of the Directorate but without having the right to vote.

Article 8

The application for admission will be directed in writing to the President of the Portuguese Club do Cão de Gado Transmontano, with the signature of two staff members and the importance of jewelry and the annual quota. The acceptance or refusal shall be notified to the party concerned in writing. In case of refusal by the Directorate, for reasons of inconsistency with this Statute or the rules of procedure, the amounts paid will be returned.
1) To be admitted as a partner, this accepts unreservedly the statutes and internal regulations of the CPCGT.
2) underage individuals may be admitted as members by express permission of who exercises parental authority or guardianship.
3) the associated quality is conferred by registration in the registers that the compulsory CPCGT shall have and for issuing the corresponding card.
4) the readmission of members that have been deleted, according to the art. 14, paragraph 2, subparagraph (f)), efectivará only after payment of quotas, based on the latest share paid.
5) members will always have to include every dog breed Cão de Gado Transmontano, owners, and take on the obligation to observe the rules established by the Club and official bodies.

Article 9
(jewelry and Quotas)

The value of the jewelry and the annual quota shall be fixed annually by the Directorate, and, by default, the same amount the previous year. The jewelry will be due at the time of admission, as well as the first quota. The subsequent annual quota shall be payable from the day one January of the following year. The quotas in force shall be payable to members by the end of the month of March of each year.
§ Only-actual partners, shall enjoy the rights conferred by the Statute, provided that the shares duly adjusted.

Article 1
0 (rights)

Without prejudice to the exposed in the preceding articles, are rights of partners:
1) Vote in the General Assembly.
2) Be elected and vote in elections management bodies in respect for article 13th.
3) obtain from CPCGT all information and technical clarification relating to o Cão de Gado Transmontano.
4) Propose the admission of new members.
5) Have associated identification element, to be issued by the Directorate.
6) Participate, as a partner, in the events organised by CPCGT.
7) Represent the CPCGT in cinófilos domestic and foreign events, since that mandated by the Board.
8) Claim before the General Assembly against the infringements of statutory provisions that are committed by organs or by the social partners.
9) appeal to the General Assembly about suspension or deletion process that is targeted, by registered letter to the Chairman of the Board.

11 (Duty)

Are duties of partners:
1) Honor and respect these statutes, internal regulations and comply with the resolutions of the General Assembly and other governing bodies of the CPCGT.
2) Participate in the actions undertaken by the CPCGT to further its objectives.
3) Play with zeal, dedication and efficiency the positions to which he was elected, as well as the tasks entrusted to him.
4) Attend the meetings of the General Assembly or other to be summoned.
5) Maintain a proper procedure in social relations.
6) Fulfill the payment of dues in the amount and term stipulated.
7) report to the Board any change in your address or your contacts.

signation, suspension and exclusion)

Article 1
2 (Layoffs)

The resignation of the partners should be directed, by registered letter, to the President of the Board by invoking the reasons for such a decision.

Article 13 (
implementation of sanctions)

The Directorate is responsible for sanctions. Where the violation of the statute or of the rules of procedure of the CPCGT, you should send the relevant Directorate set up inquiry into that, you should be hearing the respondent.
1) the investigation must be completed within 3 months.
2) Completed the investigation and place the sanction may consist of:
a) written warning;
b) suspension until the annual general meeting following the date of the suspension;
c) Exclusion.
Deletions will be pronounced by the Directorate, and the associated right of explanation and ratified by the next General Assembly.

Article 14
(applicable penalties)

1) Suspension-the partners may be suspended by the Directorate for a period to be determined in the internal rules of the CPCBT.
2) Exclusion-By decision of the Board members may be excluded on the basis of the following grounds:
a) infringements of Internal statutes and regulations;
b) Outrages to CPCGT;
c) fraud in exhibitions or competitions;
d) fraud in the filling of bulletins as false records or misrepresentation;
and illicit Crossings), ill-treatment and any other acts that may harm o Cão de Gado Transmontano;
f) shall be deemed to be automatically deleted staff members, having two quotas in arrears, not fully are compliant situation within 30 days as of the receipt of the registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt sent to the effect, to the address contained in the CPCGT file.
3) deletions will be pronounced by the Directorate, and the associated right of explanation and should be ratified by the next General Assembly.
4) associate in any way, stop being a CPCGT has no right to require contributions there is paid and loses the right to the assets, without prejudice to its responsibility for all payments relating to the period in which he was a member.

CPCGT management)
article 15
(governing bodies)

Are corporate bodies of the Association:
1) the general meeting is the supreme body of deliberative action and sovereign CPCGT consists of all partners in their own right.
the) General Assembly meetings are presided over by a Bureau consisting of a President, two Secretaries and one alternate, elected at the general meeting for a period of three years.
2) Supervisory Board, consisting of a President, two Secretaries and one alternate, elected at the general meeting for a period of three years.
3) direction, consisting of a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, two members and one alternate, elected at the general meeting for a period of three years.
4) members elected in any case may be paid. The Association may however employ auxiliary staff paid out of the elected members, if justified the measure.
5) in the event of vacancies in social positions will be filled with the alternates list.

Article 1
6 (General meeting)

1) the general meeting shall meet ordinarily until 31 March, to discuss, to amend and vote on the balance sheet, the accounts, the report of the Directorate and the opinion of the Supervisory Board and until 31 December to assess and approve the budget and work programme for the following year.
the call will be made by) post and or by electronic mail, by the Chairman of the Board, with at least 15 days, calendar,
b) the balance sheet accounts, the report of the Directorate and the opinion of the Supervisory Board as well as the budget and plan of activities for the following year must be sent to members along with their respective meetings.
2) the General Assembly shall assemble remarkably, within a maximum period of 30 days, at the request of the Chairman of the Board, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, the Chairman of the Board or at the request of at least one-fifth of all members in good standing of their social rights.
the Convocation shall be carried out) by post or by email, by the Chairman of the Board, with at least 15 calendar days in advance.
3) the annual general meeting for the election of the governing bodies of the CPCGT, will bring together up to 31 December of the year corresponding to the elections and should the corresponding summons began be effected by post and/or by email, by the Chairman of the Board, with at least 25 days, in advance.
4) it will be possible to include in the agenda of any ordinary or extraordinary general meeting, the subjects whose inclusion is requested to the Chairman of the Board at least thirty days by at least 5% of members.
5) the general meeting may not deliberate, on first call, without the presence of at least half of its members. In second convocation the general meeting may deliberate, half an hour after the time fixed for the first, with any number of members.
6) falls within the competence of the General Assembly to observe the full compliance of the Statute and is still their exclusive jurisdiction:
the) approve the emblem and insignia of CPCGT, as well as the honours to be awarded for exceptional merit of the associates;
b) Ratify the exclusion of staff members, excluding honorary members and ratify the amounts of jewelry and quotas;
c) deliberate on amendments to the Statute of the CPCGT. This decision requires the votes of three-fourths of the members present;
d) to resolve on the dissolution and liquidation of the CPCGT. These resolutions require the votes of three-fourths of the members;
and) resolving on the costly acquisition and disposal, at any title, of movable or immovable assets and obtaining loans;
f) approving the membership or affiliation to other national or international bodies;
g) Decide the appeals of the decisions of the Directorate of non-admission of members.
7) participation in meetings of the General Assembly is being allowed on-site representation of members by a delegate duly accredited, by proxy and that may not represent more than a partner
8) At the annual general meeting for the election of the governing bodies of the CPCGT are allowed face-to-face votes and votes by correspondence in accordance with the provisions in chapter six.
9) in order to enhance the participation of members at the meetings of the General Assembly, will be studied the feasibility of the use of video conferencing system in CPCGT branches.
10) the Board of the general meeting shall:
the) direct the meetings of the General Assembly;
b) Cultivate a minutes of each meeting;

Article 17

1) the Directorate as a whole is responsible for full compliance with the statutes, by the guard and administration of funds and the heritage and for the representation of the C.P.C, in court and out of it, competing him yet:
the) Present to the General Assembly, in ordinary meeting, the annual report of its activities;
b) to implement the resolutions of the General Assembly and the decisions of the disciplinary board;
c) to ensure the full implementation of the regulations;
d) Admit members and young people and establish the values of jewelry and quotas to be submitted for ratification by the general meeting;
and fulfil other functions) which are assigned to it by statute and the regulations and deal with all other matters concerning the operation of the CPCGT kennel in General, and which do not constitute the exclusive competence of the General Assembly.
2) the Board shall meet at intervals of not less than two months, decisions taken by a majority of the votes of holders present, having the President in addition to his vote, a vote of tie-breaker.
3) will be recorded minutes of each Board meeting, at which shall indicate the names of the present and the resolutions taken. The minutes shall be signed by all the members of the Board present.
4) Appoint committees of permanent or eventual and designate the associated. These commissions can be specialized for the study of several issues related with o Cão de Gado Transmontano or to exercise the arbitration that the partners require. The committees shall be chaired by a steering element and may include other members of the Association or even, if deemed essential, non-partners.
5) the CPCGT undertakes and is bound by the signature of two Board members in Office, however, the signature of a director for the Affairs of mere hours.
6) in the banking system are required two signatures of the Directorate, one being the President.
7) Are particular assignments to each Member of the Board:
the) to the President it is represent the Board in all its internal and external actions; call and direct the meetings of the Board; request
Convocation extraordinary General Assembly; serve as a privileged interlocutor between the CPCGT and the Portuguese Kennel Club and other
entities. The President may, if appropriate, to delegate its powers at any other Board member. It is also within its competence, drive and organize the general shift of the Association;
b) The Vice-President shall assist the President and shall be responsible, it can delegate its powers. It is within its competence to organize the General Register of members in their own right. It is for the Vice President to oversee the administrative services and the movement of partners and
c) The Treasurer it is promoting the collection of everything that is due to the CPCGT, as well as the validation of expenditure and the ledger and cash.
d) To Vowels, assist the President, the Vice-President and the other members of the Board and accept and comply with the duties to which they are
certain. The minutes of the meetings of the Board shall be recorded by a vowel to such end.

Article 18
(Supervisory Board)

1) the Supervisory Board shall exercise supervision within the CPCGT and it is, in particular:
a) Check regularly the books, records and documents that you support;
b) examine existing funds in cash and cash on deposit and other heritage values;
c) give an opinion on the budget, annual report and on the issues that the Board submit to it;
d) give an opinion on the conclusion of contracts, agreements and management, as well as, the capitalization of funds and loan applications;
and) Require quite rightly to the President of the convocation of the extraordinary general meeting;
f) draw up the annual report of the supervisory action.

(CPCGT elections)
article 19

1) on the initiative of the Chairman of the general meeting will be posted at the registered office the list of all staff members who, at the time, may be elected until 20 days before the date set for the elections of the governing bodies.
2) the lists of candidates shall be submitted to the Chairman of the general meeting at least 20 days before the date set for the elections, which in turn should post them up 8 days preceding that date.
3) Along with the lists of candidates, tenderers shall also deliver to the Chairman of the general meeting, the proposed action plan develop, which will also be posted until 8 days before the date set for the elections.
4) the elections shall be made by secret ballot and through separate lists for each of the governing bodies, where included in the names of nominees to fill their places.
5) is permitted to vote by correspondence, in sealed double envelope addressed to the President of the Bureau of the Assembly and received by the date set for the elections. The vote must be accompanied by a photocopy of the identity card for recognition by the signature on the letter.
6) can only do part of the lists of candidates, effective partners with quota. All partners in the lists should have two or more years of actual partner and must have participated in at least two general meetings.

20 (inauguration)

The members of the governing bodies shall take possession of their posts to the 15 day of the month following the month in which they have been elected.

(Miscellaneous provisions)
article 21 (
dissolution of the CPCGT)

The Portuguese Club do Cão de Gado Transmontano dissolves at the extraordinary general meeting in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.

Article 2
2 (of funds)

Constitute CPCGT's equity and he administered:
1) quotas and jewelry paid by members.
2) donations or subsidies received.
3) subsidies and the funds obtained in the Canine demonstrations organised by the CPCGT, as well as achieved through social or public appeals.
4) Any other not prevented by law or contrary to the Statute.

Article 2
3 (internal regulations)

The CPCGT will also be governed by internal regulations approved in the General Assembly.

Article 24

The CPCGT undertakes to:
1) Don't create, buy, educate or sell dogs for your account
2) does not receive any commissions or transactions made between geeks and professionals. The CPCGT may, without any order, inform your partners requests for offers and searches are reported in particular on the Club website.

Article 25

In pursuing its objectives the CPCGT should remain absolutely independent of any actions or political interference, religious or commercial.

Article 26

In the silent will apply the revised articles of associations of Portuguese Civil Code.

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