Support the Club

Support the Club

We are a young and dynamic team, motivated by the demands and needs of a decentralized dissemination of canine breed Portuguese rustica, O Cão de Gado Transmontano.

We believe that our associates are our main asset and we advocate a policy of active dissemination of the national and international level Race.

Bet on highly qualified employees, recognized, dynamic we come to fruition with our goals.

We value accountability and autonomy of each to the programmed growth and necessary this breed, you need to reach the top of the visible quality in 8 lines of blood that will be necessary for international recognition. For this work and help to anyone who is interested.

We already have Active Protocols for screening hip dysplasia and elbow never before made for this breed.

We will try and we will link new protocols as possible the level of other trauma series of pathologies, essential to proper growth and good breeding of any canine breed, most importantly in the giant breeds such as our CGT.

We're looking for new partnerships, often having as main objective, give our partners benefits for good performance in the creation of the breed or simple maintenance of the same. Form our team with the most qualified and willing to embrace new challenges!

We bet on the controlled growth of the breed and we have unique opportunities with deeply knowledgeable of the CGT and its origins. We're looking for innovative people with enormous willingness to contribute to the success of our projects and objectives.

Join our CPCGT team!support


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