Rights and duties

Rights and duties

Article 10

Without prejudice to the exposed in the preceding articles, are rights of partners:

  1. Vote in the General Assembly.
  2. Be elected and vote in elections management bodies in respect for article 13th.
  3. Get the CPCGT all the technical information related to o Cão de Gado Transmontano.
  4. Propose the admission of new members.
  5. Have associated identification element, to be issued by the Directorate.
  6. Participate as a partner, in the events organised by CPCGT.
  7. Represent the CPCGT in cinófilos domestic and foreign events, since that mandated by the Board.
  8. Claim before the General Assembly against the infringements of statutory provisions that are committed by organs or by the social partners.
  9. Appeal to the General Assembly about suspension or deletion process that is targeted, by registered letter to the Chairman of the Board.

Article 11

Are duties of partners:

  1. Honor and respect these statutes, internal regulations and comply with the resolutions of the General Assembly and other governing bodies of the CPCGT.
  2. Participate in actions carried out by the CPCGT to further its objectives.
  3. Play with zeal, dedication and efficiency the positions to which he was elected, as well as the tasks entrusted to him.
  4. Attend the meetings of the General Assembly or other to be summoned.
  5. Keep a proper procedure in social relations.
  6. Meet the payment of dues in the amount and term stipulated.
  7. Report to the Board any change in your address or your contacts.
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