Information to the owner



The APMVEAC developed a screening program and control of hip dysplasia.

This program counts with the collaboration of the Portuguese Kennel Club. So this scheme of control might have some success and benefit to the creators and owners of dogs, it is necessary that the rules imposed by the regulation are operating in a row.
-The animals to be tested must be submitted to general anesthesia so they can be x-rayed;
-Any owner of an animal registered in the book of Portuguese Origin or initial registration you will be able to participate in the screening and control scheme of hip dysplasia;
-The minimum age for testing animals is 1 year of age for small, medium and large breeds and 18 months for the giant breeds;
-To carry out x-ray examinations should owners resort to your doctor-Vetgerinário Assistant that will inform the entire process.
-The owner must sign a term in authorising the execution of general anesthesia and the storage and use of radiographic examination results with scientific purposes by the APMVEAC;
-The veterinarian who performs the radiographic examination is the only interlocutor with the APMVEAC. Any appeal of the results will be brought through the veterinarian referred to above;
-The Commission of reading will be formed by three veterinarians who will assemble at the APMVEAC headquarters in Lisbon;
-The result of the evaluation of radiographic examination will be made known to the veterinarian responsible for the radiographic examination, which shall inform the owner of the animal;
-The Commission will read to know the result until a maximum of 1.5 months after receipt of the examination at APMVEAC headquarters.
For more information consult your Veterinarian Assistant


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