Cãominhada CPCGT

Cãominhada CPCGT Porto, Foz do Douro River

The Portuguese Club do Cão de Gado Transmontano held on December 13, 2014 days in port, more specifically at the mouth the date "CÃOminhada CPCGT" which featured the local organization and guidance of our associated with António Pedro Reis, with the sponsorship of Portugal Luposan (Sr. Fernando Teixeira. Vasco Vieira), who collaborated with t-shirts printed with the logo of the Club and feed samples, and Huss (Mr. João Pinto), who collaborated with gift bag that contained samples of feed and mug printed with the logo of the Club.
Attended 12 Cães de Gado Transmontano and other 4 paws that were the stars, the target of attention, in harmonious coexistence between themselves and their companions.
We want to highlight still excellent reportage and video made by Elisabete Mieiro, Fernando Fonseca and Pedro Mieiro. All our sincere and profound gratitude.
We have to register our gratitude to all those who want to associate with this our initiative and CÃOminharam with us along the mouth for three hours and contributed to the diffusion of the breed.
All our well there is, until the next CÃOfraternização!



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