Cão de Gado Transmontano contest in Coelhoso

CÃO de GADO TRANSMONTANO contest in Coelhoso-1st

Was held on 1 August the 1st competition do CÃO de GADO TRANSMONTANO, integrated into V fair of the Lamb, in Coelhoso. Promoted and organized by the Junta de Freguesia of Coelhoso, Transmontano Mastiff Portuguese club with the support of the municipality of Bragança, Portuguese Kennel Club and magazine Cães&Companhia, sponsored by Husse Portugal. This event was graced by the presence of Carla Molinari, President of the CPC and Treasurer of the FCI that joined the evaluation team of initial registration.

This initiative of the CPCGT was already considered a success!

Were present at the event 23 copies of this noble race, in evaluation, while at the same time was the evaluation of specimens of the breed sheep Churra Galega Bragançana.

The participation was very active and full of enthusiasm.

At the time of delivery of prizes to the champions the balance was very positive. The Club hopes that next year can repeat this event, as a strategy for the dissemination and valorisation of the Cão de Gado Transmontano.

Much appreciate the presence of:
Dear Mr. Mayor of Braganza, Dr. Hernâni Dias
Dear Mr. President of the Village Council of Coelho, Paulo Veiga
Miss Mrs. President of the Portuguese Kennel Club, Carla Molinari
Dear Mr. Judge, Rui Oliveira
Dear Mr. Commissioner, João Silvino Venâncio Costa
Secretariat, Dear Mr. Hugo M. Pinto
Special thanks to Srs. Carlos Pinto and João Carlos Pinto

We want to highlight still excellent reportage made by Pedro Mieiro.

Results of the first Contest of the Cão de Gado Transmontano in Coelhoso (attended 23 copies of the breed)

Adult Male
1º Judeu do Zeive (Humberto Figueiredo)
2nd El Rey (Dhruv)
3rd Boris (José Carvalho)

Young Female:
Bobby 1 (Manuel Paulo Braz)
2nd Anita of Zeive (Humberto Figueiredo)
3 Léonie d ' estrellboss (Edgar Pinto)

Adult Female:
Nikita 1 of Zeive (Humberto Figueiredo)
2nd Kuba of Grandais António Pedro Reis)
3 Sandi Zeive's (Humberto Figueiredo)

Jew of Zeive, Sandi Zeive's (Humberto Figueiredo)

Zeive (Humberto Figueiredo)

Best Young Female
Bobby-I (Manuel Barro)

Best Adult Male
Jew of Zeive (Humberto Figueiredo)

Best Adult Female
Nikita Zeive's (Humberto Figueiredo)

Best Copy
BIS-Zeive Jew (Humberto Figueiredo)
BOS-Nikita Zeive's (Humberto Figueiredo)

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